Solar water pumps for swimming pool & wells in the Algarve



The electricity and water bills at this client’s property were very high, principally because of the swimming pool. Two power-hungry pumps were pumping water from wells, and a third was circulating the swimming pool. Each pump had to be turned on and off manually, and forgetting let air into the system which caused lots of headaches.


Solalgarve installed 3 solar pumps: one in each well and one for the pool. This would normally require 3 sets of solar panels, but Iain was able to have both well pumps sharing a set of solar panels, and leaving the pool pump with dedicated panels.


  • 1 PS600 Lorentz swimming pool pump
  • 2 PS200 Lorentz borehole pumps
  • 2 sets of panels + regulators
  • Pipes, sensors, float switches, cabling etc.

Cost: €7000


Solalgarve comments

“It was worth exploring all the different manufacturers to come up with this solution. The client was previously messing around with pumps and pipes and running up large electricity and water bills. Now they just switch between each well once or twice a month and leave the float switch to turn on and off, with the pool pump running all the hours the sun shines.”


Client feedback

“Our new solar system means we have reduced bills, less hassle and less wasted water. It couldn’t be simpler to maintain and was installed very professionally. Well done Iain!”

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