Sailing yacht hybrid power system



The client needs a bespoke solar power system for a sailing vessel to minimise reliance on carbon-based fuels, whilst retaining the comfort and security of power on demand. All onboard systems need to be maintained including propulsion, windlass operation, instrumentation, a dive compressor and multiple other consumers.


For marine applications, a multitude of factors have to be balanced to create a successful System in this extremely demanding environment, not least selecting the right battery and motor technology to fit to the hybrid power concept of the project. The system also needs to carry various voltage conversions to support the complete operational requirements of the vessel.


  • 48v DC lithium ion battery bank
  • 2kW high efficiency solar panels
  • 2 x 5kW Fischer Panda marine generators
  • Victron power regulators and inverters

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Solalgarve comments

“Size, weight, noise levels and ease of use are all critical issues on board sailing vessels, so the composition of the solar system needs to accommodate a range of pressures. The system needed to be solid, whilst flexible enough to deal with a wide range of applications. Of course it also needed to look good!”


Client feedback

“Solalgarve have designed and are fitting the ideal solar system into my boat, giving me independence from carbon-based fuels, and a long-term, dependable solar power solution.”

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