Discreet Algarve solar electricity system



The client wanted to run their large property entirely off-grid, but with the full-power experience of a normal grid-connected system. The nature of the property called for a high quality solar system that was inconspicuous and blended with the beautiful scenery.


Two sets of solar panels built into the hillside mean the source of electricity is completely discreet, remote from the focal area of the property. SMA components provide efficient transmission of DC current before conversion to domestic AC in the control room.


  • 18 x SW275w mono panels
  • SMA Sunny Boy 5 regulator   5Kw
  • SMA Sunny Island 8 inverter 8Kw
  • SMA Sunny Boy web connect
  • AC + DC lightening surge protection
  • 24 x Hoppecke OpzS 910Ah 2V cells
  • Hoppecke electrolyte pump
  • Installation, cabling etc

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Solalgarve comments

“Choosing solar power doesn’t mean making compromises. It’s often possible to install solar panels and batteries out of sight, and the off-grid user experience can be just like on mains – but with the added environmental and cost benefits of solar power.”


Client feedback

“Everything in my new solar system works a treat and looks fantastic… I wanted bling and that’s what I got!”

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