Auto Consumo – EDP grid-connected solar power in Portugal

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This client wanted to take advantage of the new generation of Auto Consumo schemes, generating solar power from the roof to reduce electricity bills.


Although some Auto Consumo kits are designed for DIY installation it’s always best to have professional help. Solalgarve supplied and installed the self-consumption UPAC solar system, adding extra parts to bring it up to best practice.


  • 6 x 250w panels
  • 1 invertor SMA Sunny Boy 1600
  • Breaker box
  • Cabling, labour etc

Cost: €3200


Solalgarve comments

“It’s easy for people to reduce electricity bills with the new generation of Auto Consumo systems. The self-consumption UPAC solar system powers the client’s house from the solar panels before taking electricity from the grid, so the client saves money whenever the sun shines. This popular type of system is suitable for most homes with a normal grid connection.”


Client feedback

“I appreciate the finer things in life and wanted to make sure the new solar system had the right look for my Algarve villa. Iain installedeverything professionally and on budget, and my new solar system is doing exactly what I hoped it would – saving me money!”

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