Algarve solar swimming pool pump



The client wanted to ‘do their bit’ for the environment at their Algarve villa and at the same time reduce their electricity bills by powering the swimming pool pump with solar energy.


A solar powered pump now sits next to the client’s conventional pump, so they still have the option of turning on the mains power if needed – for example, if it’s been cloudy and higher suction is needed to clean the pool, or if they’ve used a chemical product and need to keep the pool pump running all night.



  • 1 PS600 Lorentz swimming pool pump
  • 3 x 250w panels
  • Installation

Budget: from €2200


Solalgarve comments

“Algarve swimming pools need to be ready to use all year round, so a solar swimming pool pump is the ideal solution. By combining the solar pump with the mains pump, the client has reliable power with reduced running costs.”


Client feedback

“The combination of a solar powered swimming pool pump and mains power works exactly as I need it to, and it’s dramatically reduced my environmental footprint too. Now the pool is ready to use whenever I want and doesn’t cost a fortune to run.”

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