Algarve off-grid solar power for a wooden house

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The client was building a wooden house in the Algarve and wanted to be off-grid for aesthetic and environmental reasons. They wanted a cost-effective solar system that would power their new eco-lodge.


The client needed solar power in two phases. First, a low-cost intermediate system while the build was taking place; and then part-exchanging it for an upgraded off-grid solar system once the wooden house was finished.


  • 6 x 620A 2V Hoppecke cells
  • 1 x Outback MPPT FM 80 regulator
  • 6 x 185w panels
  • 1000w inverter
  • Cabling, switches, labour etc

Budget: €3900


Solalgarve comments

“Living off-grid in the Algarve can be a big decision, and it’s important that a low-cost solar system never lets you down, is simple to use and fool-proof. A typical off-grid solar power system includes solar panels, solar batteries, a regulator, solar power monitor and inverter – and no bills, ever.”


Client feedback

“I have learnt a lot about solar power, and electricity in general, thanks to Iain’s help. He has consistently done a good job at a lower price than I had expected. Now I can relax and enjoy my off-grid Algarve home with plenty of solar power and complete independence from the grid and the EDP.”

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